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IMPORTANT: You MUST use a real person's First and Last name when creating an account. We require this to verify identify and prevent Fraud.

We strongly recommend that each member of the property management team have their own landlord account using their email address used at work. This practice allows for better tracking. We suggest the owner/lead manager create the first identify-verified account. Once this is complete, this person must then invite all remaining team members so that they are added to the same property management team.

Please watch the Team Management Training Video accessible through the TRAINING VIDEOS button on your Landlord Dashboard to learn more about the process and its functionality.

** If you only have one email address for the entire office, we suggest the owner or main employee create the account using their name, personal information, and this shared email address. **

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WARNING: You MUST use a Real Person's First and Last name when creating this account!
Failure to do so will permanently disable key features for this account.

Landlord / Screener Benefits

  • Minimize your chances of being sued when providing landlord references
  • Eliminate the need and time required to repeatedly provide landlord references on former tenants
  • Safely delegate to the applicant the time-consuming process of gathering landlord references
  • Improve your current renters' behaviors and hold them accountable by documenting their performance during their lease
  • Verify that your applicants are not using fake or stolen identities
  • Easily ensure legal compliance by consistently evaluating every applicant using
  • Minimize the time and effort required to manage your Rental Property Business
  • Know who Has Been and more importantly Will Be a Great Tenant!
  • Easily supplement the applicant’s Credit, Criminal and Background Report with their Real-World Rental History!
  • Fully evaluate and factor an applicant's Risks to create an appropriate Lease for virtually Anyone!
  • Know if and why applicant’s previous Landlord refused to offer a lease renewal
  • Support the larger Landlord Community by sharing previous tenants’ strong and weak rental performances
  • Eliminate your fears of providing a weak Landlord-Reference by using the system and its rigid access controls