Renting an Apartment or House Has Become Extremely Competitive. Maximize Your Chances of Getting the Home You Want!

  • Minimize application fees to multiple rentals by providing landlords with the information they need to make a decision—TODAY
  • Know what your landlord said and be able to challenge any inaccuracies
  • Fully control who is able to see your Landlord-References
  • Leverage your “voice” to ensure your renter history is accurately shared with prospective landlords
  • Provide Landlords with information they really want and need in selecting a renter
  • Empower landlords to consider all of your strengths not just your Credit Score
  • Easily invite past landlords to provide your Landlord-Reference to show your strong rental history
  • Jump to the front of the line by being first in providing what the landlord needs for a complete application
  • Show that you have been and will be a Great Renter!
  • Stand out from other applicants to become the Landlord’s Top Choice
  • Overcome negative impact of a damaged / low credit score
  • Show that you are the Very Best Applicant!


  • Who has access to my data?

    Your data is only viewable by you, your previous landlord who input the data, and landlord of the unit for which you are applying.

  • How do you protect my data?

    Our system was developed with the latest security features to ensure the most secure environment. Our company’s very existence is dependent upon ruthlessly securing and managing your personal data.

  • How can I challenge non-factual data?

    The process was developed to ensure data integrity. If you believe that listed information is not factual / incorrect, you are able to formally challenge the data within your Landlord-Reference for each and every rental address. The system will then require that the data source’s Landlord address your challenge.

  • What if I do not want Landlords to see my Landlord-Reference?

    Prospective landlords are able to speak with your former landlords today. Our process makes it easier and faster for a landlord to view your rental history. The faster and easier your background can be verified, the greater the likelihood you will be selected as the winning applicant.

    You are able to easily block everyone from viewing your Landlord-Reference by simply selecting the Decline button in the Rental Release section accessible on your dashboard.. Please know that approved landlords are able to see if a Landlord-Reference exists for you. Their inability to review your information may impact your ability to rent your desired unit.

  • How frequently can I review my Landlord-Reference?

    You can view your data as often as you like. The site is available 24/7/365.

  • What does it cost me to review my Landlord-Reference?

    $0.00. There is no cost to you for reviewing your own Landlord-Reference.

  • How do I add previous rentals that are not listed?

    You are correct in your thinking in that the more complete your rental history, the more comfortable the landlord will be with renting their unit to you.

    Within your Landlord-Reference below the last address, there is a button to add additional addresses in order to make your Landlord-Reference as robust and complete as possible.

  • Am I able to look up other renters' Landlord-References?

    No. The system protects an individual’s data by restricting access to the specific person and the landlords with whom they are applying for a rental unit.

  • What do I do if my Landlord-Reference reveals issues / problems I had at previous rentals?

    Please know that most people have had issues. Landlords just want to do all they can to manage their financial and legal risk. The best thing you can do is be up front with them, allow them to see your Landlord-Reference, and explain to them why your past is not an accurate view of your future. You may want to offer to pay a larger security deposit or higher rent to accommodate any additional risk you may bring.

    The best thing you can do is be the Best Renter possible to improve your Landlord-Reference as quickly as possible. As a landlord, I care less about what happened 10 years ago and much more about what happened during the previous few years.

  • What can I do to be the Best Renter possible and ensure a strong Landlord-Reference?
    • Pay your rent on time every month.
    • Pay your fees (late fees, etc.) as quickly as possible.
    • Never lie!
    • Put yourself in the landlord’s shoes. What would “Landlord-you” want “Renter-you” to do?
    • Follow every rule listed in your lease. Otherwise, your lease may be cancelled requiring you to move out. Please know that every lease is different so be sure to read your current lease to understand its contained rules and regulations.
    • If you notice that something is broken, leaking or appears to not be right, notify the landlord immediately
    • Do not cause damage to the apartment and if you do, tell the landlord so that they can fix it correctly versus needing to “fix” it twice.
    • When moving out, clean the apartment well enough so that anyone would be comfortable moving into it in that condition.
    • When your lease is approaching its expiration, let the landlord know as early as possible your interest in signing a new lease or not signing a new lease. This helps them better prepare and reduce vacancies.
    • If you want to get a pet during the lease, get the landlord’s permission. If they say no, offer additional pet security deposit ($150 is common) and monthly pet rent ($25 is common).
    • Notify your landlord if your rent is going to be late. Landlords know things happen and they just want to be informed. Landlords may be willing to credit late fees if it is a rare occurrence and you communicated well.
    • Ask the landlord if they have any special requests for you as a renter. This can include what to use to clean the bathroom fixtures and how to best hang pictures on the walls.
    • Your landlord is not your enemy. They want you to have a safe and enjoyable experience living in their rental unit. Just communicate with them and let them know what is going on. You cannot hide as they know where you live so just be open and honest with them so they do not automatically think the worst. The less a landlord thinks about the property and their renters, the happier they are.