Renters are more than their Credit Score

Make sure you choose the best applicants

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  • Minimize your chances of being sued when providing landlord references
  • Eliminate the need and time required to repeatedly provide landlord references on former tenants
  • Safely delegate to the applicant the time-consuming process of gathering landlord references
  • Improve your current renters’ behaviors and hold them accountable by documenting their performance during their lease
  • Verify that your applicants are not using fake or stolen identities
  • Know who has been and more importantly who will be a Great Tenant!

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  • Minimize application fees to multiple rentals by providing landlords with the information they need to make a decision—TODAY
  • Know what your landlord said and be able to challenge any inaccuracies
  • Fully control who is able to see your Landlord-References
  • Empower landlords to consider all of your strengths not just your Credit Score
  • Jump to the front of the line by being first in providing what the landlord needs for a complete application
  • Show that you are the Very Best applicant!

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How Does it Work?

Create a FREE Account
  • Create an account.
  • Confirm your email address.
  • Verify your identity.
  • Create Landlord-References for all current and former tenants so they are published to the cloud for other system-verified landlords to purchase and view.
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Purchase Landlord-Reference
  • Enter rental application details.
  • Purchase applicant’s Landlord-Reference report and charge applicant as desired.
  • If applicant has no Landlord-References, request that they gather them.
  • If unable to view applicant’s available Landlord-References, request that the applicant sign their Rental Release.
Make Leasing Decision
  • If not permitted to review applicant’s Landlord-Reference report, decline the application.
  • Review applicant’s Landlord-Reference report and rental history.
  • Approve or Decline the application.
  • Create and sign the lease.
  • Fill your vacancy and maximize your profit!
Create a FREE Account
  • Create an account and verify your identity.
  • Confirm your email address.
  • Review and confirm or challenge active Landlord-References.
  • Request Landlord-References from all other current and former landlords.
Sign the Rental Release
  • Log into and sign your Rental Release.
  • Submit your rental application.
  • Inform the landlord that your Landlord-References are available for immediate review so that you are “first in line”.
Sign the Lease & Move In
  • Approve the landlord’s application review requests.
  • If your Landlord-Reference report reveals past issues, consider offering more security deposit or higher rent.
  • Sign the lease, pay the deposit and rent, and move in!